America's Junior Handlers Program
Zack Hoehn
and FC Choptalk Okie Dokie Dottie
Welcome to
America's Junior Handlers
If you belong to a Junior Handlers program now or would like
to join one please consider "America's Junior Handlers"
sponsored by Purina Dog food. This program is not to take
the place of any program you are in but add more to it. It is
not for one federation. It is for anyone running in SPO AKC
trials. America's Junior Handler program is also for you if you
don't belong to another program and want to become a
Junior Handler.

America's Junior Handler program will include shirts and
hats for everyone joining the program. The AKC has agreed
to register one puppy free for each handler. The papers must
be sent to Mel Stewart, 300 CR Road 1578. Baileyton AL.
35019. There will be consistence awards for all four classes.
These awards will be given out at the AKC National during
the Hall Of Fame dinner. There will be an America's Junior
Handlers' National Championship trial and the G.F.W and G.
F.R.U. will receive awards at the Hall of Fame Dinner. The
winner of each class at the Championship trial will also
receive awards at the HOF dinner.

When a Handler makes their pups an AKC Field Champion
they will receive an award at the Hall of Fame dinner. There
will be Purina dog food each time you win a derby trial or
make your dog a AKC Champion or win a National
Championship trial. Many other prizes will be given. One
other thing that makes "America's Junior Handlers" program
different is each handler will have a chance to get a FREE
puppy from a top breeder. Our program will be tracked by
what you achieve with YOUR puppy or puppies, not what you
do handling other beaglers' dogs. We gave away 60 plus
puppies our first year. These puppies will carry the breeders'
kennel name, the name you give it and a PP must be added
at the end of the name so we can track it as a Program
Puppy. example; Rita Butler donates a puppy and you win it. It
will carry the kennel name Choptalk Your "choice of a name
then" PP. Choptalk Hot Tracks PP. You can use your own
puppy or puppies by putting the PP at the end of its name so
we can track it through its entire trial career. There is no limit
on the number of puppies a handler can trial. Just as long as
they are in the handlers name and have the PP. Each time
your puppy wins a Derby Trial, and you still are the owner,
you will receive Purina Dog food for as long as Purina
sponsors our program.

If you sell a PP puppy to another Junior handler in the
program the pup and handler are still eligible for all awards
won after they get the PPM/- Our I st puppies given away were
born between 7-1-13 and 12-31-13. The drawing for the
puppies was held at the UBGF All- Age Run-off in November
2013. Those handlers and puppies present were drawn first.
All handlers present at the run-off were given a puppy. For
those unable to attend we drew for our remaining puppies
and let the handler pick them up at the breeder’s kennel. All
you need to do to be in the "America's Junior Handlers"
program sponsored by Purina dog food is to be between the
age of 7 and 17 on January 1st of 2015. Send your name,
address, e-mail address, and phone number to Kaylynn
Williams at: 2534 North 1900 East Rd. Martinton IL 60951.
We cannot promise you that you will win a puppy but if you
don't you can still use your own. We cannot promise the sex
of the puppy but if you put what sex you prefer we will try to get
you that sex. If you for sure don't want a certain sex please tell
Kaylynn when you send her your other info.

Remember we encourage you to stay in any program you are
in. Ours is different it rewards you for what you achieve with
your dog. You can have the best of both. Your committee
includes the following: Sam Butler- 812-293-4404 Kaylynn
Williams- 708-446-6180 Mark Malloy PA- 717-609-6353 Nick
Nichols LA- 318-614-2105 Denny Dugan OH- 740-504-2550
We will be working together to make this the best Junior
Handler program ever!

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Contact Kaylynn Williams
for Info or Questions:
Ph: 708-446-6180
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We will be working
together to make
this the best Junior
Handler program
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