The 2010 Silver Creek Picnic, Trade Days and
Absolute Auction saw some of the best
weather July ever offered. The shade was
enough to keep you cool, and there was a
nice breeze to compliment it. Saturday
evening some rain came through and had
those of us sitting under the shelter for
karaoke wishing we had on long sleeves!

Two beaglers we've all been rooting for and
lifting in prayer, Don Coplen and HOF Gary
Hanks were both in attendance and enjoying
themselves. Glory be to God; it was so good
to see them looking good and doing well.

The food all weekend was delicious, and the
mood was laid back and easy. We missed
some of the absent regulars who normally
attend (*cough*Art Clay*cough*George
Pirman*cough*), but as always, Silver Creek
drew in some new folks with whom to visit. I
was personally glad to have the Hens all
together for this event.

I'm sure there's something out there more fun
than yakking with beaglers, seeing old
friends, eating good food, being high bidder
on an item you want, winning prizes, laughing
and singing, chasing pups and line dancing
in flip-flops...but i don't know what it would be.
One set of hounds from the Parade of Champions. H & H will have the full
Colton Grass looks pretty darn proud to be
posing FC Red Brush Buddy.
Gary Hanks shakes Fred Scheetz hand after getting his auction number. Gary
got tired of sitting on the hard bench so he bid on and won a camp chair!
This is a pretty nice towel!
The Purina and Hounds and HuntingTeam: (Also known as the Big Whig Tent). AKC Reps Mel Stewart
and Jim Odle were present as well.
I think they were off mingling when this was taken.
Don Coplen's sunglasses were way cooler than mine. Doesn't
he look great?
Rita Butler visits with the crowd.
After all of the day's activities came to
an end, the evening activities began.
Here are the Cole's entertaining us
with their rendition of "Family

That's a good song for this event.
The Silver Creek Picnic and Absolute
Auction has become a family tradition
for many!
- by Beverley Cross
Three of the infamous "Hens." L-R Sally McGee (oakhill), Katrina Rosser
(SouthernBeagles), and Jackie Crewes (JC). The 4th hen was taking the pic.
None of these guys look too convinced. Even the ones in the background.
Don Bzet gives Fred Scheetz a measuring stand that was custom-made for
his Russell Creek Kennel. It will measure hounds up to 18" tall. (lol)
The Detar Family from Missouri were on hand with their embroidery
"What was in that water!?"
Sam auctions off an alternate ride for the chronic DUI offender. His helper's
T-Shirt was a bonus.
Alyssa (True Beagler) and Phil Secker pose for a picture.
Debbie Scheetz and Rita butler may just have to be
inducted into the Royal Order of Hens.
The Grill raffle prize was won by Carol Morrison and
accepted by Bill Reisert
Gage Bell was beaming about winning the Golden Boy rifle.
Gary Hanks and John Phillips (background) were tickled for him.
Raye Ann Cole won the beagle etched coffee table. You should
have heard her squeal when they called her ticket!
Leonard Robinson (Muddy Bottoms on eSPO) won a beautiful
knife set.
Anthony Wiley accepts the shotgun won by Floyd Napier.
Pat Timberlake accepts the saddle rifle won by George Sanborn V.
The MAB held their awards presentation after the raffle and supper.
These judges are honored with shirts and certificates.
The overall winner was ??? Complete coverage of the MAB awards can
be read in the Hounds & Hunting magazine.
Fried chicken, ham, green beans and taters, pasta salads, all the trimmins,
plus desserts and sweet tea... what a lunch!
A few names
are missing
from this report.

They will be
added soon!
Here they are with their loot.Faye Roach in the blue
checkered shirt won the dog house, and Raye Ann
also won the dog kennel. Other raffle winners not
shown were:

Don Rahe Stud Fee & Dog Box
Bradly Lafoon Tree Stand

Welping Nest John McCoy

Electronic Dart Board-Rita Butler. She donated back
to club and then it was auctioned off

Tri-Tronics Collar- Dave Hopster