Proudly hosted by
Buxton, Maine
The 2007 Futurity began with exceptionally nice
weather for July - upper 60's to low 70's were the
highs, and each class each morning had good starts on
the plentiful hare at Southern Maine Beagle Club. West
Buxton is very close to the ocean in southern Maine,
and it's evident by the sandy soil and swampy areas in
the low parts of the running pens. The hare obviously
love it, and it makes for good running. The club had a
new shelter in addition to their clubhouse to
accommodate folks, and plenty of room for campers
and such. As in previous years, the beaglers came from
as far south as Louisiana and as far north as New
Brunswick, Canada to run their 2-year-olds in this
prestigious breeder's trial.
Saturday morning the female classes were measured
and painted, then taken to the field to be under the
judgment of Jeremy Flanders and Jim Becker. Those
of us who stayed back for the annual Futurity meeting
were glad to hear the bitch classes get a start

The committee met discussing the usual - treasurer's
report, old business, new business, etc. and in
attendance with the delegates and officers were Purina
Rep and Large Pack Association member Vic
Costanza, who is also a BAC member, and AKC Rep
Mickey Sergio.

During the meeting, Mickey discussed AKC's new
program to establish a title of Grand Champion for
beagles in field trials. He was asking for input from the
Large Pack folks as to what qualifications they felt
should be met to garner the title of Grand Champion.
Many ideas were thrown on the table, such as doubling
the requirement already in place for FC, or possibly
having more champion only trials where dogs could
earn their Grand Champion title. Although not
everyone agreed on the requirements, all seemed to
feel adding a Grand Champion title would be a good
thing. Vic will take the input he gets from the Large
Pack folks to the BAC when they meet next to discuss
The "boardwalk" facilitates walking through swampier areas.
Dennis Palmer and Dan Kane did the honors of measuring.
Official painter Ed Brown puts a number on Steve Guy's
Vic Costanza, Mickey Sergio, and Dan Kane discuss the possible
qualifying criteria for an AKC Grand Champion title.